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Our vision

We do not just want to connect people and real estate, ideally! We also want to create a RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOU AND US.
How? By privileging trust over hypocrisy, by favouring quality over quantity.
Because we know that selling or buying is an important moment in a lifetime.
We offer quality goods and services to support you in your project. Because we want you to be happy in your new dream home or with your wise investment.
We want Portugal to seduce you, as it seduces us.

savoir-faire immobilier

Our expertise

  • We have a personal approach but also a personalised one
  • We listen to your expectations but we also make offers
  • We are passionate but also cool
  • We live in Portugal but also in France
  • We love real estate but also have other interests
  • We speak Portuguese but also French and English
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Our services

Our expertise begins with the questions we ask you. This understanding allows us to meet your expectations and sometimes open your mind to other choices. Real estate is talking about you!
We build a trusting and personal relationship between you and us around your project.
It's not easy to go live or invest in a foreign country! I understand you. You ask yourself a lot of questions:

I do not know the country and its specificities?
I will help you discover it.

I do not speak the language?
I will translate you.

I would like to meet you in France?
I will be there.

I do not know the legal and administrative procedures?
I will accompany you.

I need tax advice, legal assistance, funding...?
I will answer you or I will introduce you to my experts.

I want to obtain my Non-Habitual Resident Status or my Golden Visa?
I will accompany you.

After the purchase, will I find myself alone?
I will always be with you.

And if I do not have the property that you want?
I will help you find it.

We work with a large network of partners and we cover all Portugal. Let us guide you. Real people, real dreams

jorge gil

Your team


Passionate and enthusiastic, Jorge launched the Belavista Real Estate agency.
Sport, travel, human relationships are part of his interests.
He loves his country of origin and will do everything so that you fall in love with Portugal.
According to him, a sale is first of all a relationship before a contract.
His asset? His agility and his human qualities will help you decide.